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Okay...My name will be Cherry (why? Why not?) I will have long white hair, and I am around 5'6....I am very bubbley and hyper. I am a little boy crazy too ^^ I used to be a pole dancer at a strip club, but they found out i was only 16 and fired me v_v. No worries, i am gonna look for a new quest to venture on, with you guyz....My special ability is, I can make Ice cream appear magically...

*I enter the mall and looks around and sees two strange charcters. Walks over and sits down with them*

Cherry: Hi. Mind if I sit here.
Rayne: Its a free country, I dont controll you.
Cherry:Thanx! The mall is crawling with no hot guyz today.
Rayne: We were just leaveing
CHerry: OooO...To where?
Frodo: *jumps out of her sit* Were going to LALA lAnd!!
Cherry: oOo Sounds fun. Can I go too?
Rayne: The more the marrier *deep sarcasim*
Cherry: Ok lets get going

*Mall Copulor steps in front of the three girls*

Mall Copulor: Licence and registration please*
Frodo: Silly mall cop, licence and registratiopns are for those who can drive, and we are not even in a car *giggles*
Mall Copulor: *Turns red and looks angery* Okay, then i guess Ill have to take you in.
Rayne: You cant do that you stupid rent-a-cop
Mall Copulor: Thats it!
*the three girls take off running through the mall, trying to lose Copulor* they turn into the Camping Goods store and hide in a tint.
Cherry: DO you think we lose him?
Frodo: I dunno....Uhh...Who is this in the tint with us?
*every one looks down at a sleeping bag now noticing a person is there*
Cherry: Who are you?

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